Special offer

In these times of Corona you will get a very special rate for staying with us. Please phone us or send us an email for getting our special rate.


You will get a special discount of 10 % on stays until November, 30 on your bookings of a pool villa if you book directly with us.


We renovated all our pool villas for you. We built completely new bathroom with a new efficient hot water system, renovated the room interior and the furniture and  sanded and re-sealed the wooden floors.

New Year’s Eve

We are offering a special selected dinner on New Year’s Eve, starting 8 pm, thai dance performance, lampions at midnight, etc. Interested? Please book your table 0819563101.

Thailand is safe

Due to the new government all problems in Thailand have been solved. It is safe to stay at the beaches, safe to travel around and even Bangkok has no more problems getting around . All intersting sight seeing points for … Continued