Thai Airways News

Until now inner thai flights with Thai Airways started from the new airport Suvarnabhumi in contrast to some other companies like Nokair or Airasia which started their flights to the south of Thailand for a long time already from the old airport Don Mueang. Now Thai Airways associated company Thai Smile, that flies most of the  national routes will fly from  Don Mueang airport to several destinations in Thailand. That means that you should look at your tickets, Don Mueang is DMK, Suvarnabunmi is BKK and realize well from which airport you will continue your flight. The distance between the airports is nearly 50 km. When you arrive from international destinations you should allow about at least 4 hours to change the airport 5 hours is better. In doubt phone to your next thai airways office.

Thai Smile still  flies to the airports Surat Thani and Nakhon Sri Thammarat, the 2 important airports for Khanom, from Suvarnabhumi airport, that means that guests going to Khanom must not change the airport when they come from Europe and want to fly with Thai Smile , so they must calculate  only 2,5 to 3 hours between the 2 flights.

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