Rain in Khanom

In  the last few weeks you could read a lot about torrential rains in the southern provinces of Thailand. It seems that we came through this period. Khanom was hit hard by the heavy rainfalls. Khanom Hill Resort was very lucky, situated on a hill the water drained off immediately and we did not have any damages besides a very dirty beach that we cleaned about a week ago with the help of a earthmover.

This period is far behind us, all beaches are clean again, the weather is wonderful, the sun is shining and the waves are just right to enjoy swimming.



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  1. ulla schnabel

    Very good news,from the 9 january. We vere a bit worried because of the wetherconditions, because me and my family ,husband, daugter son in law and their two children visit Khanom for the first time.We have been in Hua Hin, Khanom and Bangkok several times 47 years ago. We are looking forward to visit you in Khanom Hill Resort. See you the 19 february. Kind regards from Ulla and Per

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